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Hiring Magician Carroll Baker for your event will have your guests gasping with amazement and laughing the whole time. 

“Carroll Baker is a modern day Merlin only better because there is no chance of getting eaten by a dragon while watching him perform. Thanks again for the GREAT show!”

– Mathew Gray Gubler ~ Star on Criminal Minds TV show

“We LOVE Carroll! Carroll has entertained us through community functions, private events and parties for our children. No matter what the age, he customized each show for all the guests and the format. He captivates little ones and older ones. He continuously updates his routines and we never feel like we are seeing the same performance over and over. There is always something NEW! Our recent event was for a party for a teenager. All the teens and tweens absolutely loved it and the show was one of their favorite parts of the party. Carroll is a great performer, it’s easy to book a show, he communicates quickly and he is always, always on time. We highly recommend any performance of his for your next event.”

– Samantha R.
From Columbus, OH

Some of Carroll Baker’s Clients Include:

Its all about Having a good time.

Carroll will have your guests laughing in amazement as they experience magical miracles just inches from their faces.

Coins will vanish and appear in the strangest of ways. Cards will appear out of nowhere. Magic will happen in their own hands.


Magicians provide captivating and interactive entertainment that keeps guests engaged and excited throughout the event.

Memorable Experience

Magic performances create lasting memories for attendees, making your event stand out and leaving a positive impression.


Magicians can adapt their acts to fit different themes and audiences, making them suitable for a wide range of events, from corporate functions to private parties.

Audience Interaction

Magicians often involve audience members in their acts, fostering interaction and participation that adds to the overall enjoyment.


Magic acts serve as excellent icebreakers, helping guests mingle and strike up conversations.


Whether it’s a stage show, close-up magic, or a combination, magicians offer flexible performance options to suit your event’s layout and schedule.

Unique Entertainment

Magic adds an element of surprise and wonder that sets your event apart and keeps guests talking about it long after it’s over.

Universal Appeal

Magic has broad appeal across different age groups, making it suitable for events with diverse attendees.

Brand Promotion

For corporate events, magicians can incorporate branding and messaging into their acts, subtly promoting your company or products.

Reduced Planning

Hiring a magician can simplify your event planning, as they come with their own set of props and require minimal logistical arrangements.

Entertainment Variety

Adding a magician to your event lineup diversifies the entertainment options, catering to various preferences within your audience.

Atmosphere Enhancement

Magicians contribute to the overall ambiance of the event, creating a lively and enchanting atmosphere.

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